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CHOPIN Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2. Fantasy on Polish Airs. Krakowiak.Variations on Mozart’s “Là ci darem la mano.” Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise brillante  Ÿ  
CHOPIN Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2. Fantasy on Polish Airs. Krakowiak.Variations on Mozart’s “Là ci darem la mano.” Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise brillante  Ÿ  
Oleg Marshev (pf); David Porcelijncond; South Denmark Phil.  ŸDANACORD 701-702 (2 CDs: 136:06)



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Fanfare. Chopin Concertos

CHOPIN Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2. Fantasy on Polish Airs. Krakowiak.Variations on Mozart’s “Là ci darem la mano.” Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise brillante  Ÿ  
CHOPIN Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2. Fantasy on Polish Airs. Krakowiak.Variations on Mozart’s “Là ci darem la mano.” Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise brillante  Ÿ 
Oleg Marshev (pf); David Porcelijncond; South Denmark Phil.  ŸDANACORD 701-702 (2 CDs: 136:06)
Chopin pianists are a breed apart. Sovereign technique must be taken for granted. Yet Chopin playing never can be mere bravura. Of all the great composers, Chopin is the one who speaks most to the masses. A pianist must identify fully with the popular elements in his music, the singing line and the dance rhythms. Chopin playing rarely succeeds if it descends to the abstract or the arcane. Then there is the issue of Chopin’s harmony, which a player must master to create the special ambience of his music. Put all together, these elements should coalesce into a sound one regards as quintessentially Chopin. One of the reasons Arthur Rubinstein was widely regarded as a fine Chopin player is that, whatever you thought of his interpretations, his sound after a few bars made you think, “Chopin.” Oleg Marshev has this same gift. I love his playing. It was interesting to compare his set of the complete works for piano and orchestra with that of Garrick Ohlsson, certainly an eminent Chopin player. Where Ohlsson is concerned with the microeconomics of Chopin playing, Marshev is more in tune with the macroeconomics. For Ohlsson, playing these works is about getting a rhythm right here, an accent right there. Marshev, however, is more interested in the sweep of the music, its cascading structures. No matter how intricately he spins out its expression, the pulse of Chopin’s long line always is maintained. Ohlsson is like a riveter working on a building, while Marshev is its architect. Marshev is the kind of complete artist for whom the entire layout of his interpretation of a piece of music is implicit right from the very beginning of his playing it. And here, after a few bars, you hear yourself think, “Ah, Chopin!” No recording of Chopin’s music in the past few years has given me more pleasure than this one.

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Performances worldwide



Recitals in Italy incl. Bonporti Summer Festival, Kazakhstan, Austria


March 22, recital at the Tat eatro “Vittorio Cocito”, Novara, Italy

April 7, recital at Waikanae, New Zealand

April 8, recital at Upper Hutt, New Zealand

April 9, recital at Whangarei, New Zealand

April 11, recital at Taihape, New Zealand

April 13, recital at Auckland, Auckland Museum, New Zealand

April 14, recital at Greytown, New Zealand

April 15, recital at Motueka, New Zealand


Dec 16 Recital Wigmore Hall, London

Dec 9-11 Recital and Masterclasses Alnaty, Kazakhstan

May 7-18 Recording of “All works for piano and orchestra by F. Mendelssohn, South Jutland Symphony, Denmark

May 4 – Recital Schubert/Schumann/Mussorgsky “A.Bruckner” University, Linz, Austria

April 4 – Recital Chopin/Liszt/Mussorgsky Ekaterinburg

March 28 – Recital Chopin/Mussorgsky Cheljabinsk, Academy of Culture

March 1 – Recital Prokofiev/Mussorgsky – Livorno, Italy

February 27 – Beethoven Triple Concerto Sachenko/Knyazev/Marshev Kostroma Symphony/P.Gershtein – Kostroma, Russia

January 26,27 – Mendelssohn Concerto for violin, piano and orchestra Lukanov/Marshev South Jutland Symphony/Porcelijn – Aabenraa, Denmark, Flensborg, Germany

Recitals and concerto appearances in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, USA, among them:

2010 — Concerts with the London Philharmonic (Petrenko), the Norrkoping Symphony, Sweden (Jurowsky), the orchestra “Magna Grecia”, Italy (Lanzetta), Kazakh Philharmonic Orchestra at The Festival in Almaty (Bushkov). Recitals – Moscow, Salzburg, Nottingham etc. Recording of all works for piano and orchestra by Chopin with the South Jutland Sympphony/D.Porcelijn

2009 — Concert tours in Russia, Italy, Portugal, concerts with the South Jutland Symphony, Bournemouth Symphony, Petrozavodsk Symohony; piano duo recitals at the Chamber Music Festival at Cervo, Italy and in Switzerland; recording of solo CD – Mussorgsky “Pictures at the Exhibition”, recording of Ravel piano concerti, Fantasy by Debussy and Symphonic Variations by Franck; recording of Concerto and other works for piano and orchestra by Robert and Clara Schumann

2008 — Concerts in Auckland, Whangarei, Whanganui, Wellington and other cities of New Zealand, concerts in Italy, recording of solo CD – works by Liszt, Chopin, Skriabin

2007 — Recitals in Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, festivals in Coimbra and “Dias da Musica” in Portugal, performances with Norrkoping Symphony, Sweden, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, Portugal, concert tour with the Danish Philharmony; duo concerts with Sergri Krylov (violin); recording of piano concertos by Rimsky-Korsakov, Scriabin and Pabst

2006 — Recording with the Aalborg Symphony (List concertos); solo recording of the solo Liszt CD; recital at Casale Monferrato, Italy; a concert with the Aalborg symphony; a tour with the Torun Chamber orchestra in Poland; performance at the Odsherred Kammermusik Festival in Denmark; twelve concerts in New Zealand

2005 — Concerts with the Danish Philharmony, South Jutland in Denmark, recitals in Spain

2004 — Concert tour in New Zealand, Recitals at Campobasso, Monfalcone, Italy, in Dallas, TX

2003 — Recitals at the Piano Festival La Roque d’Antheron, France Ruhr Piano Festival, Germany; Concerts with the Aarhus Symphony

2002 —Recitals at the “A. B. Michelangeli” Festival, Brescia/Bergamo, Italy; at the Forbidden City Hall, Beijing (China), St. Augustine, Florida (USA), Concerto appearances with the Aalborg Symphony, Aarhus Symphony, Symphony Orchestra Van Flanderen, Sonderborg Symphony

2001 — Concert tour with the Danish Philharmony, South Jutland in Denmark and Germany; concerto appearances with the Aarhus Symphony, Aalborg Symphony, Stuttgart Symphony; recital in New York.

2000 — Concerto appearance with the West Virginia Symphony, the Symphony of Americas, recitals in Pepperdine University, Malibu, in Montreal (Canada), concert tour in Florida. Concerto performances at Bear Valley Music Festival and in Sacramento, California. 19 recitals in New Zealand, recital at the Festival de Pennautier, France.

1999 — Concerto appearance with the Akron Symphony Orchestra, Ohio. Recitals in Royal Music Hall of Glasgow, City Music Halls of Aberdeen and Perth (Great Britain).

recitals in Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, “Doelen Hall” of Rotterdam, Verdi Hall of Milan Conservatory, Alice Tully Hall in New York, Festival Raritaten der Klaviermusik in Husum (Germany),concerto appearances with the Suhl Philharmonie Orchester (Germany), l’Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo, the Trondheim Symphony etc.