International Record Review. Pabst/Scriabin

International Record Review PABST Piano Concerto in E fiat RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Piano Concerto in C sharp minor SCRIABIN Piano Concerto in F sharp minor Oleg Marshev (piano); South Jutland SO/Vladimir Ziva Danacord DACOCD 660 73:52 mins. Producer Lennart Dehn. Engineer Stephan Flock Listening to these captivating performances, with all concerned playing as though they believed in every note, reminded me of Vox's 1970s heyday in the UK on Decca Turnabout when 99p would buy you Michel Ponti playing Balakirev, Lyapunov or Tchaikovsky's Second with a scorching abandon and imperativeness that in many ways has never been surpassed on disc. (more…)

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