PIANIST. Ravel, Debussy, Franck

PIANIST 53 2010

Ravel Two Concerti; Debussy Fantasie, Franck Symphonic Variations Oleg Marshev pf Sonderborg Symphony Orchestra / Vladimir Ziva Danacord DACOCD 672

Who needs Ludwig and Wolfgang over-played concertos when there are so many brilliant but unknown concertos out there? Marius Dawn applauds Oleg Marshev and other explorers of neglected repertoire.

…A quick excursion into neighboring France brings us four works of piano and orchestra. Ravel’s two concerti are certainly not rarities and even Franck’s Symphonic Variations is often performed, however I cannot remember seeing the the Debussy Fantasie for Piano and the Orchestra on a program.. It is a pity, for the music is charming, romantic, very seductive and coated with luxurious harmonies. Oleg Marshev truly believes in the music, and he plays it in the original version (as he does with the Ravel Left Hand concerto), which only makes it sadder thai is not in the standard repertoire. Marshev is unfailingly musical in Ravel and exuberant in Franck, but it is for the Debussy that you should invest in the 82-minute long release. The recording team is borrowed from Deutsche Grammophone and the whole production way above a standard release….

Marius Dawn